The Golden Half

I was recently given a camera called, 'The Golden Half', a half size format camera which produces 72 images from a 36 exposure roll.

The great thing about it is you can use it to create a narrative in the images, when the two are placed together as one.

It is even more interesting when two images which weren't planned to come together, end up appearing together, creating unexpected narratives!


Lie Down I Think I Love You

Brief: Create a short introduction to a documentary about London brand 'Lie Down I Think I Love You'
and their process of handbag making.

I was asked by a friend to produce an animated sting to accompany a documentary he was producing about Lie Down I Think I Love You.

The animation aims to keep in touch with many of the key brand values namely, them using vintage scarves, which are then combined with other materials instore to create bespoke handbags.

The imagery is made up of multiple layers - ink and pencil on paper, liquid eyeliner on acetate, Real Cotton, Thin metal, paper cuttings and digital type.

-I forgot how much work has to go into even a short animation! 


Magic Tree

Brief: 'Lusad Christmas Card'

Entered into my Art School's christmas card competition.



Currently working on a short animation to go with a documentary a friend is producing. Hands play a key part in the animation.
I have been looking into 50s advertising, due to that being the style of the brand, and noticed that hands portray alot of the emotion, due to the shapes they pull, in particular they often appear very seductive and enticing in this era!


Self Initiated Project: 'Photocopiers'
Outcome to Photocopier project. As mentioned before my research took me onto counterfeit money and how hard it is to piece together all the parts to gain a successful replica. The outcome was created by breaking down a dollar bill into its CMYK colours then aligning them on different perspex sheets in a row. As the viewer looks through the layers at different angles the colours form together to make the dollar bill, however when one layer begins to make sense another goes out of sight as the viewer struggles to make out a clear image. The idea being that when it comes to printing money it may appear easy to make certain parts believable yet it is nigh on impossible to get a perfect representation of all the parts together.


Brief: 'Photocopiers', Self - Initiated

I recently completed a self Initiated project based around the word photocopiers. The project was largely research based aiming to see how from one word i could carry research through and culminate into an outcome which sits alongside the research.
Below is a sketchbook extract - My research took me onto counterfeit money in print and more importantly how it is pretty much impossible to piece together all the components to make believable money (during the research i did try believe me!).