The Great Firewall

Filming of an installation i created.

The outcome was arrived at, and inspired by research
based around Internet censorship in China
- often referred to as, 'The Great Firewall'.



Concept designs for the front and back of a business card.
The bottom can also act as a logo / extending further for a page header.
Obviously the front will include details as well..



Preliminary screenshots taken from 'Sleep' film soon to be completed.

Massive thanks to James Partridge for help with the camera work.

Coincidentally the man himself has just finished writing and directing his first short film, 'The Tour' which well worth a look!

Go check it out at www.thetourfilm.com


See and read about more of his stuff at www.peartreepartridge.blogspot.com



Finished the shooting of a moving image outcome for my self initiated project based on sleep. Above is an image i took during the smoke filled making of.

Now on to the arduous editing process!



In the process of finalising an outcome for a self-initiated project based on sleep.




Foil blocked Calling cards used as an attribute for my lastminute.com D&AD work.

Information about the rest of the project to follow soon...



I am constantly collecting inspiring images and items of interest which although often put to good use, more often than not find themselves lost in the depths of my hard drive.

A more structured area for me to visually catalogue items which currently inspire, interest and provide enjoyment for myself.

Check back on this blog soon for an update on personal work.



Brief : 'Photocopiers' / Self - Initiated Project 

This outcome is designed to sit alongside the 3D creation, illustrating the hard task of actually attempting to piece the 4 pieces together with the eye to create a clear representation of the Dollar Bill.


Brief : 'Photocopiers' / Self - initiated research based brief

( Outcome Remade and photographed )

 As mentioned before my research took me onto counterfeit money and how hard it is to piece together all the parts to gain a successful replica. The outcome was created by breaking down a dollar bill into its CMYK colours then aligning them on different perspex sheets in a row. As the viewer looks through the layers at different angles the colours form together to make the dollar bill, however when one layer begins to make sense another goes out of sight as the viewer struggles to make out a clear image. The idea being that when it comes to printing money it may appear easy to make certain parts believable yet it is nigh on impossible to get a perfect representation of all the parts together.

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