Sorry, You Were Out

Brief- 'Post', Self initiated

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More and more i come down stairs to find a 'Sorry, You Were Out', Form by my door as a pose to the post i anticipated.
These days it seems like i am more likely to find a 'Sorry, You Were Out', note by my door than my post, postmen seem to find them the easy delivery option. I have heard that some postman don't like the idea of carrying alot of post and so sneak 'Sorry..' notes through postboxes so they don't have to!  

Below is an edited 'Sorry, You Were Out', Form, I submitted to Mail Me Art, with correct address and  an 'id number' leading to my blog. The idea is, what is the point in spending time on a letter if it wont arrive? These 'Sorry..' notes  which usually lead to a drawn out journey to the sorting office and phone call etc,  lead to my work straight there and then - Much easier for everyone.

I stamped and posted it - i hope the post actually send it!

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